By visiting any of these blogs, individuals and companies can learn more about the importance of cyber security and how cyber laws protect internet users. Cyber laws should be learned by companies to understand how to stay within the active cyber laws.

Stanford CIS Blog –

The Stanford Centre for Internet and Society is the leading organisation in the studies of cyber law and policies. All the posts are centred around the importance of the internet and other emerging technologies to have cyber security. The blog is based in Stanford UK and was established in 2015.

Foley Hoag / Trademark & Copyright Law

The Foley Hoag Blog was established in Boston, the UK, in 2010 and covers important topics around online trademarks and copyright laws. They aim towards perspectives and legal developments in trademarks, copyrights, domain disputes, unfair competition, and much more.

Some of their subtopics include criminal liability, right of publicity, privacy, licensing, and defamation. All the articles are authored by Foley Hoag Lawyers.

Cyberleagle –

Cyberleagle is based in London, UK, and was established in 2010 providing at least 2 posts each week. The blogger is known as Graham Smith and covers the law in IT, the internet, and new media. He is one of the UK’s leading cyber law experts with a practice of advisory and contentious work on the internet, IT, and intellectual property fields.

Social Media Law Bullet –

Social Media Law Bulletin is based in London, UK, and was established in 2012 posting up to 4 posts per quarter. They strive in bringing all their readers up to date on all the latest legal challenges in social media and how to stay within the cyber laws in social media. They provide vital information on the importance of social media law.

Netsparker –

With the Netsparker blog, anybody can learn about the latest web application security available in the UK. They provide information on cyber vulnerabilities and how to make a website more secure with automated web scanning and other cyber security features. The blog is based in London, UK, and provides up to 2 posts per week.

IT Governance Blog / Cyber Security –

IT Governance stands as one of the leading providers of IT governance, compliance solutions, and risk management in the UK. They have a focus on cyber resilience, PCI DSS, ISO, cyber security, and data protection. They are committed to helping businesses protect themselves and their customers from cyber-attacks and to understand cyber laws.