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A Guide to Cybercrime Prevention

Cyber-attacks can ruin any business or individual financially and are deliberate exploitation of a company’s system or network. These threats usually consist out of malicious codes which compromise a computer to steal data.

Some of the most common cyber-attacks include identity theft, fraud, malware, breach of access, system infiltration, and intellectual property theft.

Here we look at some of the most important guides in preventing cyber-attacks.

Keep Software and Systems up to Date

Cyber-attacks can easily happen when systems and software aren’t always fully up to date with the latest versions. Hackers can easily access accounts and information when systems are not fully protected against the latest protection measures. Having an automatic update installed on all systems is a great way to ensure the software is up to date at all times.

Make sure Endpoint Protection is Active

The main feature of Endpoint protection is that it protects networks working from a remote device which includes mobile devices, tablets, and laptops. If these devices are connected with corporate networks, they can easily cause infiltration from cyber-attacks.

Always Have Data Backups

Having all data and documents backed up at all times can provide great assistance and relief if a cyber-attack does come through. This can also help a company not have an extremely long downtime period due to the attack. It also provides the company or individual not to lose their data completely.

Wi-Fi Security

Any device can get under attack from cyber threats over open or personal Wi-Fi networks. When a device connects with a business account, the threat or infection can be transferred to the business account.

Use a Firewall

Data breaches become smarter and more sophisticated. Having any network, whether personal or business owned, protected behind a firewall can be an effective way to defend the system against cyber-attacks.

Following any of the guidelines above can help to secure any network from malicious threats and cyber-attacks which can ruin data and system operations.